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Hold on, loyal adults are coming in 34 days


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Re: Hold on, loyal adults are coming in 34 days

(Hold on, loyal adults are coming)

Dang NQX, I'm gonna have to agree with your subject heading there.

Senile joe's joho aministration will definitely continue to be loyal to china and the chinese company's that have been paying the biden clan millions of dollars in pay for play money.  Joho will also be kind to big tech & wall street, they've hired many already - because of their credentials of course Smiley Wink.

Kind of funny that joho say they will do something about cyber security but failed miserably in the obama / biden Presidency.  

If only senile joe had a record proving that he could accomplish a task like this instead of just flapping his gums - Huh, what, Mmm, he does have a record - what, a 5 decade record, senile joe has not accomplished anything in 5 decades as a politician, OK never-mind.

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Re: MASSIVE SECURITY BREACH! Just add that to ...

A MASSIVE SECURITY BREACH, just add that to trump's long list of failures, failed trade war, failed pandemic response, failed foreign policy, the list goes on & on.

  When the history of the trump presidency is written, it will nothing but a long list of terrible failures topped by the greatest of all, 400,000 dead Americans.

Americans yet unborn will curse the name trump.

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Re: Hold on, loyal adults are coming in 34 days

He has proven he is good at getting foreign countries to fire any prosecutor looking into the wrong doing of his family. And the sargent schultz media is good at seeing nothing, hearing nothing, and knowing nothing. And then there are the adults who did nothing this past summer while leftist thugs burned their cities.