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(Holder) Just when you thought

the corruption couldn't possibly be any deeper.  Has Holder got his stinky little hands in everything?



Reuters and all Americans need to know that the reason there have been no prosecutions is: Attorney General Eric Holder is implicated in the cover-up.

Before joining the Obama White House, Holder was a partner at the white shoe law firm, Covington & Burling, who represented MERSCORP.

In 2006 Covington & Burling wrote the legal opinion that justified MERS business model to the lending and title industries.(letter on

AG Holder effectively squashed all FBI investigations into actions of TBTF banks in 2008, when he arrived in office. No actions were initiated until the s#$% hit the fan in October 2010, when robo-signing scandal bubbled up in national media.

Then, Holder directed his top lieutenants, Covington & Burling alumnae all, to launch investigations into mortgage fraud. The FBI was told to partner with the Mortgage Banking Association, the trade group for TBTF banks.

The FBI, in partnership with MBA, created a definition of mortgage fraud which does not include banks. It narrowly focuses on consumers and flim-flam artists.

So, if the definition of mortgage fraud does not include banks, banks will not be investigated.

Instead, the Federal Government has partnered with the trade agency whose members committed $11 trillion heist to arrest the people who who defrauded by the banks.

Ain’t crony capitalism grand?

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Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

He wasn't ordered into tha tpost to do anything about it, regardless of his past or present affiliations.


If Obama  had been allowed to have appointed Spitzer, Fitzgerald, Schneiderman or young Biden or one of those other State AGs with some hair on their a$$es you on the liberatarian right and the rest of the oterh segments of the right would be screaming bloody murder over how the Justice Departmetn was pestering the banks and their doing of God's work..


I haven't heard anything from you in defense of them, much less Elizabeth Warren .  People who are doing what you say it is that the Obama adminsitration shoud be doing. Only not by Democrats then, I guess.


Would McCain have gotten us another Alberto Gonzales.  No better, no worse than the pretty worse holder.

P.S. Sam don't take me wrong

If Holder getting busted and shame come down on the Justic Department and the way it has been used by this administration to shield banksters is what is necessary for the truth to be sought and justice tob e served in the matter of loan and foreclosure fraud so be it.   Bring it on.   But to simply personalize or selectively politicize it is another mattter.   Been goin' on a good long time and more than one set of eyes has turned away from it.

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

There is that word again, "allowed". Do you grant that excuse to all pols, or just ones from your tribe? Do you realize how many scandals holders name pops up in?

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

Why just "my tribe"?  How has any other been any differnet or how can it be any diffferent if one of the other tirbes gets it's Chief into that spot?


The Democrats are especially vulnerable to being pushed around in this manner by the people who you seem to be saying here should be bridled if not hobbled as they don't seem to produce any R. Cheneys or Jim Bakers at the top end of policy teams.  But, that being the case and the GOP better at having their henchmen front loaded, it happens to the other tribes also.  Esp. at Defense, Justice and Treasury.  The winning pols don't get to chose on their own. 


But you know that.  And it's fun to beat on, as it doesn't make sense that it would be that way.  But it is.


So...if we'd get Ron Paul elected, do you suppose he'd be able to get the sort of AG you'd expect him to select into the DoJ? 

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

And why are dems more passive? Why was cheney not just constrained by what he was told to do, the way you think Obama is just following orders? That's what makes it tribal, given exactly the same circumstances you excuse your tribe. I expect RP to choose his own cabinet or explain who is forcing him to choose otherwise. Oh and you didn't answer about holders Stinky fingers.

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

You answer the first part of the question  (re: Cheney) by yourself by asking.  It's endemic with him.  He's part of t he "allowers".


As for teh sticky fingers part...I wasn't so sure after reading the responses to the article that it was all so cut an ddried as in may have been protrayed to be.   For it to be so MERS had to be exactly what it is now since it's inception and since it was first examined. 


It's more or less organized crime now, having been forged into that by it's benefactors.


We deserve a better AG than the last few we've had.  Not going to argue with you on that.  It wouldn't be fair to grade Holder any lower than Ashcroft or Gonzalez.

Senior Advisor

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

This is what happens when morality is forced to the back seat of society. We have to be sure the thumpers know their place. There is no such thing as integrity, it is survival of the fittest.  Darwin would be proud.

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

Ashcroft easily the worst. 


The church door and the barn door were one in the same.

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

We don't need election reform. We need people smart enough to abandon their tribal loyalties. You're not there. Yet. BTW, since your not interested, holders name shows up at ruby ridge, waco, okc, fast & furious, gangwalker, and mers and robo signing. Smoke fire