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Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

Won't be able to sleep now waiting for the info on okc.  Was he an accomplice of McVeigh and his buddies back up home in Michigan?  What was his involvement? Did he use talcum or corn starch to get into those white supremecist Michigan Miltia camps?


If what you say on all of that proves true then it only substantiates what I said about "allowing".


Any idea if he was in on the 9-11 demolition planning?  WTC 7?  He didn't push the plunger on #7, did he?


No more than a useful, cresentialed stooge.  Not as bad as the activist ones we get when the neocons and the oligarchs sneak their candidates for leadership past the democracy goalie,  but useful nonetheless.



Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

Allot of stooges in this world.

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

Since you offered nothing I resorted to Google.


Good grief. 


Brought to mind the famous Cliff Claven line from Cheers, when he was a contestant on Jeopardy......"Name 3 people who have never been in my kitchen".



Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

Yea, its crazy to think holder is a completely corrupt tool of the bureacracy, but sane to think Obama is completely blameless tool of the oligarchy. Keep drinking that koolaide.
Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: (Holder) Just when you thought

If you think of obamacare as a distraction, along with abortion, gay rights, and maybe capital punishment, to make people think there actually is a distinction between the tools in red and the fools in blue, it all makes a lot more sense.


I am not sure who said it first, but I think that the image of Obama as a man going about his business while the hostage takers have his daughters kidnapped rings true. Maybe he thought he was free while the campaign was being orchestrated, but he sure seems to be a puppet on strings once in the white house.


I do not think that the USA is capable of democracy at this point. It is a very scary thought, and perhaps one should just enjoy each day as it comes....savor what is left of life in the aftermath.


on the otherhand, you can read about Roger Williams, the founding father that no one talks about, and get a lesson in what real bravery is all about. Great article about him in this month's Smithsonian magazine.


The image of WIlliams, leaving his home in the middle of the night, very ill, with his pockets full of some corn food, in the midst of winter strikes a nerve with me. Massachusets bay Colony had put a warrant out for his arrest, for daring to voice the opinion that religion and politics do not mix. He left his home rather that get on a ship to England to go to a prison where most died. He spent 14 weeks without a home, relying on Indians he had traded with and befriended, to stay alive.


Later , after arguing for a charter for a colony in America where there would be freedom of religion, he founded Rhode Island, and built a new home there. The article says that even though he lived to be 80 years old, he never forgot the cold winter he was forced into exile from his home. And it also talks a lot about how a man's home is his castle, and where that saying comes from. I think there is quite a bit of the Roger Williams mindset in Ron Paul.


From being an aide to Oliver Cromwell, to his role in establishing the wall between church and state in America, Roger Willaims  cut a wide path with the trail of his life. And he was not afraid to stand up for what he believed. We need men like that today.