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Hope it's OK to laugh

Atlanta mayoral candidate antonio brown had his car stolen and was dragged a distance.  Antonio is a big anti-police / defund the police guy so I hope it's OK to chuckle.

Antonio commented:  "This was a circumstance of these kids operating within whatever they felt was necessary for their own survival, a situation of generational poverty and acting on this basis of survival."

Of course the kids that stole the car were to young to drive but apparently needed a ride to there "jobs" in order to survive?

Yea, those P of S police recovered the car for him.

No comment on why the car was not an electric car, guess maybe he's just your typical hypocrat.

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BA Deere
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Re: Hope it's OK to laugh

Without even reading the news story, the carjacker must`ve been black, or he`d be loudly brought up on "hate crime" charges.