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Esteemed Advisor

Hope’s got da ‘rona

and she traveled with DD to the debate and MN rally.

Guess that would be one way to get out of more debates.

I think the mortality rate for fat ugly septuagenarians is around 10 pct. but probably much lower for people who are tested constantly.

Bring in the bleach and UV light sticks!

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Hope’s got da ‘rona

Awwwww - that’s too bad.   Wasn’t the virus all over in April?

Been watching Trump’s Tramp on recordings with one of her aides.   Really likes the “F” word - a lot.   Yeah.....she’s a lady....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying.....


Senior Contributor

Re: Hope’s got da ‘rona

Oh no, another one that goes into the 99.9% survival rate... what are we going to do!!!!

Re: Hope’s got da ‘rona

Dennison and the pinup girl  in quarantine.