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Hospitals become hit squads

The death panels are even worse than Sarah Palin described. Hospitals get paid the snuff em out. Guess it could be considered a late term abortion.



Ministers yesterday ordered an  independent  inquiry into why hospitals have been paid to hit targets for numbers of patients  dying on the Liverpool Care Pathway.

The new investigation will examine how hospitals have received tens of millions of pounds to implement the  controversial system for care of the dying.

Care and support minister Norman Lamb  said  there had been too many cases of patients dying on the pathway  while their  families were told nothing about the withdrawal of  life-saving  treatment.

‘This is simply unacceptable,’ he  added.

Mr Lamb said the inquiry would ‘consider the  value of locally set incentives, and whether they are  leading to bad decisions  or practice’.

The decision to order an independent  investigation follows deepening concern over the LCP, which is thought  to be  used in the deaths of 130,000 hospital patients each year.

The method, first developed in a  Liverpool  hospital and widely in use across the NHS for the past four  years, aims to ease  the suffering of dying patients.

It commonly  involves heavy sedation with  morphine or similar drugs, and the removal  of tubes providing nutrition and  fluids.

But in the past few weeks, a string of relatives have contacted the Mail expressing concern about the LCP,  saying  patients have been put on it without their knowledge. Many have  recovered fully  after being taken off the pathway.

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Hospitals become hit squads

Absolute garbage and I don't care who wrote it.   But answer me this - do you believe that is what Obama is doing?