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BA Deere
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House of Cards, what they aren`t telling you.

My Son and I love the Netflix "House of Cards" show, here`s Stefan Molyneux`s take on the show  


There`s a bit of a spoiler line from the show that I haven`t heard yet.  Frank Underwood tells a billionaire something like "...yes, but the we in the government have the guns..."


Here`s another take on the show  

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bruce MN

Re: House of Cards, what they aren`t telling you.

Got that netflix feature a few weeks back.  Might have to's like a magnet or a hypnotist.  Too much to see and too easy to use.


Had to choose one of those made for series though, but....since we'd made the investment :~) ......and chose Orange is the New Black over House of Cards.  It's quite good.