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How QAnon took over the GQP

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Re: How QAnon took over the GQP

(How QAnon took over the GQP / far left rag businessinsider)

Well, the far left rag BI documents 1 person that that supposedly admits to belong to qanon (if bi didn't make it up) and that being qanon john Smiley LOL, then some anonymous sources Smiley LOL and opinion.

So I still have no idea what your qanon is and try as you Q boys might it ain't landing there NQX - but I'll continue egging you and bruceQ on just because I get a kick out of it.


Veteran Advisor

Re: How QAnon took over the GQP

Is that why you have egg on your face all the time.....I thought it was just because you were a loyal Trumper....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying or fear mongering.... or voter suppression.