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How We Know He's Lying


10,000 words is a lot when there are things to do.


We know because of of years of ample demonstration of the low character and dedication to falsehood on the part of those who adamantly contend he isn't.

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Re: How We Know He's Lying

"This does not mean that she is definitely telling the truth," from the hit piece that's written by somebody who thinks we didn't land on the moon and Lee Harvey didn't shoot Kennedy and who believes Mary Jo jumped into the water. 


She is the one that can't remember where or when .....................Why.......................because that would open her up to perjury charges if he would provide definitive proof. 

Re: How We Know He's Lying

You have a decades long trail showing deep commitment to falsehoods.


Yeah but whatabout?

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Re: How We Know He's Lying

Melting point of steel. Explosives dropped the twin towers. HEE HEE HEE. Tell me lies.

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Re: How We Know He's Lying

when I read Obnoxious's post above about the decade of lying, I honestly thought it was a response to Nutz, and only then noticed that the liar had penned it himself.


the old adage that when you point a finger at someone else....three fingers pointing back at yourself ....surely has Nutz as a poster child illustrating it.