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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: How about a meeting?

ElCheapo wrote:   

"Why ??

Wouldnt do any good

None of you will change."


I don`t know it that was meant to be funny, if it was serious that arrogance is what`s wrong with the country today.  People think their version of God or Darwin or Superman showed them the secrets of the Fortress of Solitude or what but they think they alone have the answers.

I say I pay my taxes, don`t commit felonies, pull people`s cars out of ditches without a dime of compensation.  I`m also not blind or totally ignorant and see for decades that this country`s best years were always "Ten years ago" Trump is accused of wanting to "turn the clock back" to which I say "Good!!".  When you`re in a deep hole quit digging, but Democrats double down on digging deeper and I think much of their double down is solely based on opposing Trump.

I`ll tell you what I believe, if you can convince me to have open borders, free college free healthcare, give up my guns, let homosexuals in women`s bathrooms and all that damned crap give me your best argument.  However I don`t care about feelings, to change my mind, you better have facts and logic.


Veteran Advisor

Re: How about a meeting?

BA i hate to tell ya...but that attitude has been formed by 

Reading the posts here.  It is

Just an endless discussion on

How if you are a democrat, you

Are a horrible, terrible, low iq



Im tired of it.

Open borders....first...we need

The workers, because americans

Will not do the hard work that needs to be done...those comming

Here understand that, because thing are worse from where they

Come from.

This banging the drum how they 

Are responsible for crime...granted

A small minority are stinkers...but

Look at it this way...if you were

Illegal....wouldnt you keep your

Nose clean ?

The idea of a physical wall is just

Plain nuts...not to mention the cost.

Free college....not free, but lower is a novel question...

If we did away with sports expensive buildings

Overpaid coachs...etc...

How much would that cost

To go to school...notice how

Cost effective junior colleges


Free healthcare...nobody is saying

Free healthcare per if you

Have a sick or injured person,

Who cant work....cut off care ?

What about those with little

Money...but have a cronic or

Serious conditions....cut them

Off ????

Same is true with pre-existing...

Nobody is asking for free...but

Are asking for insurance at an

Affordable rate.

Taking your im not

After your guns....but i question

Your need for a 30 or 50 shot

Clip....or a handgun with the

Bore the size of my thumb...

With that short of a barell..

No way to make an accurate


Homo's in the womens bathroom.

Well if they really that way...your

Wife has nothing to worry about.

Weird...yes, in my little world...

But a functional situation.



Senior Advisor

Re: How about a meeting?

You don't know if the ILLEGALS crossing our borders will commit crimes or not because you don't want them vetted. To think a wall won't slow them down is just plain nuts. You may not be after our guns but the politicians you support are. Now that's a problem.