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Re: We all pay more income tax than Trump

I doubt that either have paid many taxes..... Dem. Leadership talks one way and lives the other.  And Trump is honest, he uses the tax code as it is written by democrats and republicans for democrats and republicans to encourage investment and economic growth.


Don just twists words, he uses the tax code ( I assume, like everyone else) and it can be used as a retiree taking investment income as well as a still "active" farmer hiring someone else to do the work.  He is certainly paying his employee(whether a W-2 or a contract 1099 worker) a good wage so his tax liabilities are less and the overall tax burdon for the farm is carried by both him and the employee, lowering taxes for both.


The tax code is written by politicians who claim the rich don't pay their fair share.  

 as their own net worth rises through public service...  


Tired of half truth?  or no truth at all?


Vote for someone neither party likes...

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Re: We all pay more income tax than Trump

I don't know. Do the research, answer your own question and post the answer here. I'll listen.Be sure and include overall earnings and losses so we can compare apples to apples.