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How are you doing Dag?

Hanging in there and winning the battle I hope. Did you get your planting done all right?  It's pretty tough being sick and still have a busy schedule.



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Re: How are you doing Dag?

We finished up planting soybeans yesterday, May 13.   Hope to go back tomorrow and replant a few acres of corn that drowned out .


I let my brother plant all the beans while I ran the sprayer.  Our seed tenders for soybean seed are old small gravity wagons with a metal barrel cut in half hanging just below the wagon door.  With a simple five gallon bucket we fill our 12 row planter boxes.  I used to be able to fill our planter in about 8 to 10 minutes if I hustled but didn't think I could do it as fast this year.


Some days are better then others.  Always good to be out working as it keeps you busy and takes your mind off other things that tend to creep into your mind during slow times.


I had a stent put in part of my bile duct about 10 days ago to help alleviate blockage in the ducts caused by pressure from the tumors in my liver.  The stent helped bring my liver functions out of the red to near normal but now it seems like fatigue is more of an issue. 


Hope to get started on my new diet and herbal nutrition regime some time this week.  I'm from the old school where if it sounds to good to be true, then it's probably not true.  So I'm a bit skeptical but I find myself more hopeful trying the new diet then I am with any more additional chemo treatments.  The wife is picking up a new juicer tomorrow.   I'm thinking a nice grilled steak and a bowl of my favorite ice cream is going to luck pretty darn good to this farm boy after a couple of days of juice drinks and raw vegetables..

Re: How are you doing Dag?

Wouldn't know you if I ran you over in the street, but you surely do come to mind alot.  No face to recall, no full name.  But we are going with this with you like you were a brother or a next door neighbor or an old High School classmate. .


I'm confident that I'm speaking for everyone here.


gough whitlam
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Re: How are you doing Dag?

My bloody oath.  Forget the crap I spew at times because I think of your problem each time I see you name.  Good luck mate.

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Re: How are you doing Dag?

Just so you know, Dag, wer're pullin' for ya over here, too.

BA Deere
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Re: How are you doing Dag?


Re: How are you doing Dag?

I am notoriously awkward with matters of illness etc. but 100% likewise.

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Re: How are you doing Dag?

Thanks for all the kind words guys as it truly means alot to me. 


I had always envisioned taking in a Twins game some day with you Bruce and watching the Twins win one in their new ball park (to me at least).  Always figured it might be tough getting our two schedules to mesh but thinking this year it could be even tougher just finding a day the Twins can win one. 


After I beat this cancer I'm thinking both the wife and I deserve a break and have always wanted to visited Australia.  I'm thinking Gough, you could make a great travel guide for us.

Re: How are you doing Dag?

Dagwood, even though I don't have a lot of time to get onto this forum lately, I have kept you in my thoughts and prayers.  I know that some might think it folly, but hey...., it sure can't hurt and I want to see you "fit as a fiddle" in very short order.


You have a great attitude about fighting to win and it will make all the difference.  My Mom has battled cancer for several years and now does not have even a bit of a trace of cancer cells left in her.  She has been free of the disease for over 4 years now.


Just remember..... Tough Times do not long last, .....  but Tough People, Do.   You will too, of that, I have total faith.