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Senior Contributor

How bout this for a solution

     Let's say you walk into the voting booth with an electronic card, you slide it in and make your pick. Then for the next four years, you're binded to the party platform, for instance if your a lib you pay higher taxes, but are still elgible for social programs, and pulling fetus' out of your snatch. if your a tea bagger you get to keep your guns and pay a flat tax.

     Before any of you jump on me this is a joke, but kind of fun to ponder.

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Re: How bout this for a solution

And if I don't vote?   Do I get to be free?

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: How bout this for a solution

Sliding your ticket into the machine is no different to the current system. If you vote for a political party of any sort you are committed to that until next time. You cannot be a little bit pregnant.