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How can small and marginal farmer be emancipated from their profession

All of us know what problems small and marginal farmers go through while farming their fragmented lands, with debts that never be paid off, poor seeds and poor marketing abilities. They are just unable to conduct farming to protect them with their asset; the land. Secondly, Agriculture & Farming we think that a farmer today should be a person who will live always in a village with poor facilities and be always an illiterate, with poor knowledge of what's going on in the world of agriculture or trade? Must this not change? Is this a fair question for a debate? From my side, I wish to mention that the above needs to change and change for the better. Can we debate how we can do this?

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Re: How can small and marginal farmer be emancipated from their profession

Simple answer........Yes  and I praise your candour....


But it is a tough discussion that needs some ability to self evaluate...


What you describe sometimes is a "self inflicted" wound..  Not by you or me but by farmers and the perception of farming held by those who live the lifestyle and more often by those who "used to" live the lifestyle and now teach or sell magazines, equipment, chemicals etc etc etc....But as you describe it.... after all it is a perception...... not necessarily reality........

Farming is everyones background --- geneology takes us all back to a garden and a milk cow somewhere in the world....... and the seperation of nostalgia and reality in agriculture is very difficult.... 


What we teach our children about farming is way to often misleading and demeaning to our profession.  Kids are left to figure out what they were taught at home that is not true.  And young potential farmers are often left to find someone in their community that is successful and study why........ look past the excuses of the rest.... and learn from that guy because the best they will see in school ag classes is probably a coach.

A college professor has a hard time moving out the misconceptions to make room for the stuff he teaches.


Who teaches the skills to evaluate business model size, option evaluation....  check that thought .... simply farming does not require the training and skills it takes to be successful.  

Farming is played by a rule of survival of the best..... anyone can farm.... but not all can survive at a good standard of living.  That mentality is wrong and it is brutal.  But look around, who survives who prospers and why.......  and what are our expectations.


What you say is the perception......... but the reality might be some where we don't want to go... like.......

an advanced degree is repuired  -- not just an apprenticeship....

It is a business not a lifestyle...

It is not supposed to be a welfare program.  and in truth ... never has been.

Nor is the career to be that of plantation ownership....

etc etc etc etc 


Sometimes i think young farmers should be required to move to a different state to begin the career.........


Anyway ....... great topic and yes yes yes



AND. .......... Thank you for joining this forum  





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Re: How can small and marginal farmer be emancipated from their profession

Village  with  poor  facilities  &  be  ILL iteratE   ?  ?   Seems  history  being  a  repetitive, perpetual,  constant with science of invention creating increasing levels of convenience and ease of task ---


Then along comes nature, delivering an unforeseen curve ball of reality, leaving the '' fools errand '' consensus - then followed with short term environment of  leakage of excuses ---


Climate change, weather events, political gerrymandering,   being only a few ''' fly in the ointments '' &  '' consolidation '' being an under defined subject---


Seems being an ''expert '' or  ''adroit debater''  have like some similar qualities and then again times are 180 degrees of contention --- Emancipated  or un-emancipated could reflect to '' manageable '' debt loads ?


Trade being an interesting conversation, although may contain ruthless reality's withstanding in the course ---


'' Feeding  the  World '' has numerous pitfalls  we have witnessed in less than a decade while leaving one's domestic customers in the dust could be an unsettling consequence ---                                        

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Re: How can small and marginal farmer be emancipated from their profession

shh don’t say it too loud. We need Willies farm aid money to make it.