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How congress works

But in this progressive world we live in it is Cynthia who is labeled an extremist and a threat to our democracy. John Boehner should be hung for treason along with his pal Christie.




Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., shook the dust off her feet as she left the House Appropriations Committee, which she described as dominated by a few arrogant members who lack respect for conservatives on the panel.

“We were not even allowed to read the report language after we had voted for our product in subcommittee. They were ripped out of our hands, and I'm not exaggerating. That was just offensive,” Lummis told Roll Call. “It was just a grandstanding power play, totally inappropriate to treat duly elected members of Congress that way. It was a silly, ‘we're in charge and you're not' kind of effort.”

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Veteran Advisor

Re: How congress works

Poor baby!!
bruce MN

Re: How congress works

There are, thanksfully,  more chacks and balances than just those between the branches.