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Senior Contributor

How could this avenue for fraud

have been unanticipated?  Are lawmakers in mn really that stupid to structure the welfare in that manner?





This is real. There are 10 open investigations and a number of closed cases, including convictions. The state has closed 13 centers since it formed a fraud investigation unit in 2014, officials have said.

Patterns are similar: Someone opens up a child care center and accepts children of poor parents who qualify for state taxpayer day care subsidies. The center bills the state and gets the money.


But here’s the catch: The day care center doesn’t really provide day care. Parents sign the kids in and sign them out, providing the center with needed paperwork to bill the state. The parents might get a kickback for this lie.

And yes, most, if not all, of the fraud cases that fit this mold are run by immigrants from East Africa, including Somalia and Kenya, officials said.