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How did the conservatives of Nebraska....

...ever send this guy to the Senate? Maybe he's up to some devious ploy to supercharge some Buffet investment scheme.
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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: How did the conservatives of Nebraska....

Far more likely that Chuck is doing a Colin Powell UN type of speech, where he knows more than he lets on. The key wording is authorizing military preparedness to deal with population instability, which imo is going to be necessary regardless of who is occupying 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Right now, the possiblity of Ebola to implode is a greater risk than rising seawaters, but neither one is something to rule out even as Al Gore frolicks in the sand by his own beachfront mansion. And there may be a "Black Swan" type of event that is not even on the radar.


When the US government began stockpiling all that ammunition, I have to admit I thought the idea was a little farfetched, but after watching Ferguson MO for the last few months, I can see that the tinder is dry in the USA and all it is going to take is a big spark to set off a fierce blaze. 


Hagel has always seemed to be a reflective, common sense guy, and if he is out there promoting the idea of military prepardness, there is a reason for it. Lets just hope that the same cartel that has Barry being a puppet to Wall Street isn't holding Hagel's family hostage, too. 

Re: How did the conservatives of Nebraska....

Yeah, but the "conservatives" turned on him when he began to question George 'n D!ck's Big Adventure (with other peoples' lives and money).


Which if you think about that it makes the joke on me for even bothering with any of them.