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Senior Advisor

How did this nameless whistle blower's attorney

How did he know about this Ukraine phone call and what was going to be in it before it even took place? And if he didn't know how did he know Trump, with the help of CNN, would be impeached for it? Could he have known he would create a whistle blower at some point and also a crime as an insurance policy to over throw Trump after he won the election? Isn't that what lawyers did to General Flynn? Didn't they falsify records to create a crime he never committed? Should lawyers with these type of ethics face disbarment? Will this whistle blower lawyer do as the Flynn prosecutors do and now claim he made a misstatement? He made a mistake? Will the fake stream media do for him as they did for Jeffery Epstein and cover up for him? Why should any of us believe anything that comes from the fake stream media?