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Veteran Advisor

How far we've come....

as we enter the week of Thanksgiving, a link to help us remember the Mayflower Pilgrims, and how they established the tradition of republican representative rule in America, where those that produce elect representatives for common governance.


Notice the date on the discussion....2002.....just think how much American thought has changed in the 13 years since this. 

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Honored Advisor

Re: How far we've come....

Society has ceased to evolve and we are now in decline, if whatever Republican that is nominated isn`t elected president, there will total mob rule.  I wish at least the Democrats would be honest that their intent is to purposely destroy the country....just come out and say it, Dems!


Re: How far we've come....

Although I'm sure that the 2001 coup against the constitution is of little concern to you.