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How in the mid-1800s, opposition to abortion was a new idea invented in service of ...

... that totally racist idea of "replacement" or "race suicide".

Quote:  "In U.S. history, abortion wasn't always controversial. In fact, in colonial America, it was considered a fairly common practice, a private decision made by women and aided mostly by midwives. But in the mid-1800s, a small group of physicians set out to change that. Led by a zealous young doctor named Horatio Storer, they launched a campaign to make abortion illegal in every state."

Not only that but: But that wasn't enough for Storer. He campaigned on a moral argument that also tapped into the racial fears of the moment, fears that would eventually inspire a pseudoscientific field of, quote, "racial improvement" and planned breeding of the population - American eugenics.

And: They began to say, we need white women to use their loins because they're concerned about the Blackening and the browning of what is now - what at that point became the United States and this real concern that when Black people become free, what will this mean for white people? And white women become a key to that.

That included blatant sexism quote: "They are not the ones using abortion. It's our, you know, Yankee women who are using abortion, trying to get into medical school, trying to do politics when they should be at home, having babies and taking care of them."  

 Or in a word, "barefoot & pregnant".  That's it, racist and sexist all in one.

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Re: How in the mid-1800s, opposition to abortion was a new idea invented in service of ...

Progressive movement owns eugenics.  People like Sanger pushed forced sterilization and abortion in the name of eugenics.   Check out the galton society and who made up its membership.    Killing babies in the name of genetic improvement is your heritage.