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How liberal policies kill

It's always for the children but many times they are the ones who are hurt the most by liberal/progressive policies.



Yesterday would have been her 102nd birthday and I'm sorry I missed it, but my sharp-eyed fellow-traveller David Hinz at The Minority Report celebrated with a lively dance on the old fraud's grave. He doesn't mince his words: Rachel Carson – poster girl of the international eco movement – was a "mass murderer" to rival Stalin and Pol Pot.


Was she really responsible for the deaths of as many as 50 million people? That's just an estimate. What we do know is that her landmark 1962 bestseller Silent Spring – the book that set a million and one green activists on the path of eco righteousness – was responsible for the worldwide ban on the insecticide DDT, the most effective preventative against the mosquitos which spread the world's deadliest disease, Malaria. In this way countless millions of people, mostly Third World children, were condemned to death in the name of ecological correctness.


Rather as so many people do now with the global warming/climate change story, readers in the 1960s just couldn't get enough of Rachel Carson's apocalyptic predictions of man-made eco doom. There might, she claimed, be a cancer epidemic which would hit 'practically 100 per cent' of the human population; bird life would be wiped out. And all because of the evil DDT. As a result of this scare-mongering DDT was banned first by an eco-activist administrator at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), subsequently by the UN and the World Health Organisation.


Problem was, few if any of the claims made by Carson were true. They were derived from a complete misrepresentation of research by Dr James DeWitt.

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bruce MN

Re: How liberal policies kill

The wheels are coming off 30. The GOP that you thought had drafted it's last 15-20 years of platforms specifically for you and your prejudices and superstitions is tilting towards coming back down to earth:
gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: How liberal policies kill

That has got nothing whatsoever to do with Liberal politics and you know.  Stick to that silly  bible if you want to hear more lies without making them up.