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Senior Advisor

How many lives and how much treasure

Do you want to spend to overthrow the likes of Gaddafi or the Saudi Sheiks?


It seems like Bush the senior made a huge screw up when he drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait. Why didn't they establish a democratic republic in Kuwait?


I'm not convinced that the USA is working in the interests of people seeking freedom. How much does a 104 cruise missles cost and we can't afford well paid teachers.


Lets attack wisconsin and set those public employees free.

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Senior Contributor

Re: How many lives and how much treasure

I was also wondering about the cost of cruise misslies when I saw the news that showed a few French fighter jets taking action while the U.S. launched at least 114 Tomahawk Cruise missiles.  A Google search shows the Tomahawk missiles cost $600,000 each for a cost of $68,400,000 just our opening solvo in Libya.  Looks like once again the U.S. picks up most of the tab to police the world.  I'm hoping all these other countries pushing for military intervention in Libya are helping pay this cost.