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How many more will go back?

"A Texas felon who was pardoned by Obama is back behind bars after he was caught ´fleeing police with two pounds of cocaine worth $26,000´. Robert M. Gill is getting reacquainted with his jail cell after he crashed into another vehicle when fleeing from police following an alleged drug deal in San Antonio on Thursday. The 68-year-old´s original life sentence was pardoned by President Obama but now he could face up to 40 years in prison for possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine, according to Bexar County police."


It's a start.

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Re: How many more will go back?

Oh MY! Damn Obama. Damn him! He's a Kenyan Communist Nazi anyway and probably involved in the drug trade inbetween his visits to Mosques, golfing and such.


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Re: How many more will go back?


Do you have proof of these statements?


We do know that the results of his term in office has left the country poorer and more dangerous.  His term in office has also created a schism in America between thinking educated people and emotional dysfunctional people.  With 47 million people on food stamps who would logically want to import more poor people?  Only those who either mistakenly believe that only Middle Eastern, Mexican and Central American people should be allowed to enter the country or Democrats who believe they need more welfare voters.



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Re: How many more will go back?




At least 121 killings within a four-year span were carried out by convicted immigrants who were not deported, according to a 2015 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee document recently reviewed by el Nuevo Herald.

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Re: How many more will go back?

Clint Eastwoods off the cuff portrayal of Obama as the man with the empty chair was actually pretty apt, and nothing that has transpired since has changed the veracity of thte portrayal.


Unless of course, Obama was consciously deviant and not just an empty suit of clothes.


The bar has been set pretty low for Trump.