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Re: If I`m a 2nd tier Repub candidate..

That would make for excelent entertainment, and vindicate the HPo call on relegating coverage of Trump fromtheir political page to Entertainment.

BA Deere
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Re: If I`m a 2nd tier Repub candidate..

Doris Goodwin Kernes was on with the DICKerson saying how it`s the media`s responsiblity to somehow rake Trump over the coals because they (the media) don`t think Trump is a leader.  That`s none of the media`s concern, shouldn`t they report and we the people elect who we want?  And it`s kind of ironic as Doris wrote a book about the bully LBJ.


But Bruce we are under a hybrid fascism where corporations write our laws or change the ones that slip past the goalie and the media steers us whom to vote for. are dead on right

Right there in your 2nd paragraph.

The only chance there is out of that: