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Senior Contributor

How old are those bones? It depends on what you how old you think they should be.

   Interestin artcle.

Dating bones seems to hinge on where they were found and what the finder thinks is correct based on his bias.


"Leakey's Skull 1470 was initially dated at Cambridge Laboratory (England) with the potassium-argon method. The first date was 221 million years, but it was rejected because it didn't fit the evolutionary scenario. Further testing produced dates from 2.4 to 2.6 million years. Leakey could accept that date since it was closer to his evolutionary teaching although he preferred a younger date. (Many millions of years difference in those dates and the first date!) After more tests they got another date of 1.8 million years from the University of California, Berkeley. Now, that's more like it. That date fits their fairy tale! Isn't it interesting how they can adjust their "science" to fit their philosophy? And did you notice that a bone finder can "shop around" at various testing agencies to get the date he wants? Leakey now accepts a date of about 2 million years.

The testing on Skull 1470 produced dates ranging from 290,000 years to 221 million years. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe. You take your choice. "