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How's the flooding Gough?

I have not seen any news videos on the flooding down under but read one news paper report that said you had an area flooded the size of France and Germany combined.   That's some major flooding.  

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Re: How's the flooding Gough?

Hi Dagwud; we have friends around Geelong, Ballarat area which is near Melbourne. They have been getting rain which is a change from a couple years ago when they were in majour drought with water rationing and dry lakes and streams.

They say their rain is just above normal but streams etc. are filling up.

His brother lives an hour or two drive north close to flooded area and has had big rains but not the flooding that the news is about.

Not sure what area Gough is from but he may be able to give you more details and stories.

Until then there is a story here which includes pictures and a map of the area flooded.

upper left of page has video link and links to more related stories.

Re: How's the flooding Gough?

Dag -  I am a long way from the floods in Queensland.  I live about the middle of New South wales.  We have had a very wet winter and the harvest has been a bit of a stop start affair.  Where the floods are, farmers are staring at nothing to harvest.  They mainly grow fruit and vegetables.  Bananas have gone from $4 per kilo to and expected $22 per kilo next week.  Cattle have started to rise as Queensland is a big cattle area and they cannot get the cattle to markets.  It has spiked big time and that will keep up for some time whileever the cattle are not there.


As for me, I haven't finished harvesting yet with breakdowns, etc but we rarely get flooded, just lots of rain sometimes.

All the best.