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Honored Advisor

How the government solved the healthcare crisis

80 yrs ago the complaint was "healthcare was to accessable and health insurance was too cheap" so government fixed it.  Now I`ve never been a big fan of outfits like the Masons, I figured once you get up in the 33º the fun and games end and you sit around talking about world domination and ocassionally sacrifice a small child to the "great owl".   However some of these fraternities had their places in providing their lowly members with affordable doctoring   The basic reason healthcare costs too much now is when people can go to the doc for free or insurance picked up the tab, many would rather sit in the waiting room rather than put a bandaide on themselves, thus overworking doctors over trivial matters.  80 yrs ago people were cut from a better cloth.  At about 4:20 `one days wage payed for an entire years worth of medical care`...the wheels went off the bus at some point.