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How to best find a farm employee

I am 40 and have had cancer.   My father is 69 and has a brain tumor.  My family has farmed 10 generations, but I have no children or additional siblings.   I want to find someone young to come farm with us.  We had an employee that we had planned to take over and he left after two years.   It has been devastating and sad for our family as we made him family.  I was wondering how the best way to find the right situation may be, or should we just give up and lease out our land?   I would definitely start the person out as an employee and then give them a portion of the crops and eventually workout a plan of transition as the time comes.   Am I looking at this wrong?    

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Re: How to best find a farm employee

Sorry for what you folks are going through.  I guess I would ask family and friends if they know of a young person who`s qualified and in need of a break. 

My Mom`s cousin and her husband milked a small dairy herd, they never had kids so tried setting up young families in farming and they went through 3 different one`s all failed.  They finally sold everything to a young neighbor in a sweetheart deal, when they died any money left to pay on the note was forgiven.  The thing was, they sold it to him and didn`t insist on him milking cows, which he didn`t and was successful crop farming.  

On the plus side at 40yrs old, you have a lot of time to find the right match  🙂

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Re: How to best find a farm employee

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Re: How to best find a farm employee

Kansas State has a new program doing just that, I think it's called "Land Link" or "Farm & Ranch Transitioning".  Matches generational farmers, etc. with no heirs that are transitioning into retirement.  Looks like Nebraska has a similar program.

For information, contact, 785-532-4526 or visit

Nebraska has a program called Nebraska Land Link, available at and