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How to fix everything.

President Obama, praise him.

Must pull troops out of the Middle East and Europe.  

He must raise taxes on the rich.

He must tax unearned income such as rent, interest etc. for social security and eliminate the cap on how much is taxed.

He must give amnesty to all undocumented workers and get them paying into the system.

He must disallow social security to those who have assets and income sufficient to support themselves.  Those who can maintain a minimum standard of living should do so without social security.

There should be no deduction for children.  We have overpopulation now and Americans don't want to work, we don't need more of them.

He should start up another works program to build and repair our nations highways and bridges.

He should take over the railroads and get rid of as many trucks as possible.

He should outlaw any vehicle that doesn't get 30 mpg.  Permits could be issued to those who actually need pickup trucks.  SUV's should be outlawed and anyone driving to work must share rides or have a vehicle such as a Prius.

All offshore drilling should come to an end to protect our coasts.

Fertilizer should be outlawed for lawns as should pesticides.

Fertilizer and pesticides should only be allowed on Non HEL ground.  

The government should take over Monsanto.

I think if he did these things the country would get turned around in short order.



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Re: How to fix everything.

No comment other than this poster in not  Kraft-t. Keep that in mind. Thank you ..Don Kraft