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Esteemed Advisor

How to help American Carnage Land

as life expectancy and general well being across Red America continue to plummet. Some conservative commentators say that it is just White Culture and there's nothing to be done until Those People get with it, but we libs can't help but want to try.


1) refocus the War on Drugs to treatment and rehabilitation* (Alcohol actually #1).

2) Find a path to universal health care without ruinous deductibles and co-pays.

3) Universal tuition free 2 yr. community college**

4) Create REA style agency to fund cooperative rural broadband

5) Spend a bunch on infrastructure with a particular emphasis on the electric grid and renewable energy projects.

*naively thought that a white drug epidemic would change the paradigm on drug control. It hasn't- underestimated how powerful the Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Deep State is. Currently a bedrock of The Base.

**not just for the students but the fact that CC's tend to more scattered into rural areas- and can be further dispersed- and would act as modest anchors against the persistent brain drain- and create employment in their own right.