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How you end up with famines.

The simple answer is put government in charge. Let government regulate what you grow and how much you grow. Enter Beto who says; " If we allow farmers to earn a profit in what they grow," ALLOW! Maybe we should be reading that old Constitution where it allows government only so much  rather than people that only allow Hoi Palloi.

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Re: How you end up with famines.

when I see Robert, and Alexandria, and Kamala, and the rest of the 20 midgets, I think about how much education has failed these people.


Pretty sad that anyone in America can still believe that the end result of socialism is better than the stellar results from Capitalism.

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Re: How you end up with famines.

I agree with you rsbs.


I don't understand how you can look at the places where socialism or the harder version of socialism has existed and see how the majority of people living there have so much poorer conditions than the majority of people in America.  

Those countries that have moved to socialism from some form of capitalism have deteriorated or the lucky ones are moving back to capitalism.


In capitalism you work for yourself, in socialism you work for the government and the government gives what it wants back to you.  


Ultimately those that believe socialism will improve their lot discover that they are worse off than before because there is less wealth to distribute.