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Senior Advisor


Bruce  -  I,m  hearing  your  getting  a   NEW  COMBINE,  PLANTER,  TRACTOR  ,  GRAIN  CART ,  SHOP ,  and  last  a  vacation  to Cancun  -   -   -


Mexico  is  going  to  pay  for  IT,  so  while  picking  up  the  Pe$0's  in  Cancun,  see if  there  might  be  a  check  for  the  waLL,  ALSO   -  ?


Seems  the  Pe$o's  aren't  getting  through  to  D  T   or   D  C  -  ? 


Also,  hurry  due  to  border  might  be  closing   SOON  -  so  F  Y  I ,  a  re-route  through  Florida  might  be  the  best  option  -  maybe  - ? 


OH,  I  forgot ,  A   BRAND   NEW  CAR  -  ?   Some  folks  have  all  the  LUCK Smiley Wink 

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bruce MN


Drive the old car down to the River today and saw the stakes on the levee and in the ditches and the ICE marked equipment setting poised to rock and roll. And visited the condemned historic chapel and graveyard and the Butterfly Research Center, sitting in line with the stakes.

Made it sort of real. Media camped out, just like they were around Roger Stone’s house.

All rather surreal.