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Huge Fraud Costing Big money

One a recent Judge Judy show, she encountered a young man who admitted to receiving $700+/mon disability from social security.

Since he did not manifest any disability (he looked rather normal to me), she asked what he qualifed for. 
Answer:  he was diagnosed with a learning disability.  And He admitted to working on the side for cash, paying no taxes,so he was scamming the govt twice.


Then I found this post about fraud:


Notice all but one are red states. 


And check the comments at the bottom of the article.


Fraud is breaking us!!!!!!

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Re: Huge Fraud Costing Big money

Here is an interesting reply from that post:


Disability is on the rise because of another problem. This problem is it is a 8 billion dollar business for attorney's. We have to keep them employed you know. Most disabiliy claims are actually denied the first time unless a person is truly disabled. What people do is hire an attorney to get them on the dole. 

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Re: Huge Fraud Costing Big money

If he was some ne`er-do-well on disabilty "working for cash on the side" ...unless he`s some sort of computer consulant, it`s probably 20 bucks here and there, that would put him in the "47%" that don`t pay tax and votes for 0bama, that Romney was lambasted for shinning a light on.


These "red states" have knuckle-draggers too, not everyone in a red state votes Republican.  It seems the bums get attracted to those "rich areas" like hungry cats at the front door, it`s just inthe "red state" the bums are still the minority.  Go to Hawaii once and check out all the homeless panhandlers on the beach.