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Senior Contributor

Re: Huh oh, trouble in paradise

From what I have read about it, the lawyers wanted to argue about the constitutionality of the impeachment whereas Trump wants to cite election fraud. I suppose he still thinks he can steal the election. He knows he has the votes to keep from being impeached, so he sees this as an opportunity to validate election fraud lies. It's probably that simple. There will be plenty of red lemmings ready to follow him over the cliff.

Senior Contributor

Re: Edmund, 45 against, don't be so sure.

(In fact, they only need 12, they've already got 5 and I bet when they get done presenting the evidence and parade some of the insurrectionists up there, they will provide 12 more with all the justification they will need to convict.)

Unlike you rickQ, I have no idea how this hypocrat 2nd impeachment s---show will turn out, I would say odds are against getting anywhere close to 67 votes.  I obviously don't believe, just like the hypocrats first Trump impeachment, that this comes anywhere close to an impeachable offense - all I have said is that the hypocrats wanted it and I hope they don't weasel out of it at this point. 

Oh, and I added above: Don't forget that fang fang's puppet is an impeachment prosecutor.

Senior Contributor

Re: Edmund, 45 against, don't be so sure.

Anything approaching a reasonably fair trial will tie up the senate for months.   100% in favor of that. 

Re: Huh oh, trouble in paradise

The “verdict” or result is probably quite a ways down on the list of desired outcomes in the process.

An acquittal a near if not absolute certainty.

Facing the almost certain possibility of that might actually be the best reason to proceed. If it looked like enough of  the GQPers were going to vote for it the Democrats would very likely never have brought it.

Dennison telling the legal Lawyers help that his defense is going to be all and everything about the insurrection attempt being a righteous undertaking as a response to a stolen election obviously  inspired them to walk. 

I read a couple of places before this exodus took plac3 that Dennison suggested that his defense might be presented exclusively in the form of a written letter.

However it goes down it’s a pass the popcorn event.

Senior Advisor

Re: As soon as the trial starts the indictments will ...

As soon as the trial starts the indictments will come down fast & furious.  While they won't be actual articles of impeachment, the GOP senators won't be able to ignore them and they will so pile up public sentiment against trump and the GOP that they will either have to vote to convict or wear the badge of shame forever.