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BA Deere
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Huma Paloma Blanca Abedin stands by the Weiner.     I know I know, the left brings up Sanford "walking in the mountains" and even dredge up Larry Craig if they have to.  But these scandals with in many cases, have the wive`s standing by their man, it really shows what`s going on in the darkside of political power.   If Hilary would`ve kicked Bill to the curb, she would be  "Sleeping in a van....down by the riv-er", not a presidential hopeful for 2016.  She knew that way back, probably when she was handling "bimbo eruptions"  for Governor Bill Clinton back in the 80`s. 


These women are no different than "NBA groupies" that follow millionaire basketball stars, hoping to get knocked up for a free meal ticket.  Huma doesn`t "love" Weiner, not in the normal sense, she puts up with the peccadillos in exchange for the lifestyle and power.


I understand that it`s just a tv show, but I`m a fan of Netflix`s "House of Cards" and the relationship that the politician and his wife in the show have with an "open marriage" if it furthers their political power, it`s no big deal to them.  With the men as a rule they more see the romp in the hay as recreation and the women more as a power exercise.   The women like Huma and Hilary have to go on camera and feign outrage when their man is caught, but underneath it all it`s just drama for the masses.  And they long for the day when it`s no longer a big deal and they can go back to shopping and other more important stuff.

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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Right On The Nutz ;-P

Leno framed him well last night when he said that Weiner was the " Peter Tweeter Repeater "
Weiner thinks that he will be like Clinton and get away with "his creepiness" and still climb the ladder of power and control.