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Hunger Games Tick Tock.....

Rebel President Coin (Julianne More) appears to be modeled after Sec Treas Clinton.....see how Clinton has the same letters that you can make "coin' from?


So when Katness fires the fatal arrow at the most corrupt politician in sight, how did that make you feel?


I finally watched the final installment of the Hunger games this last week and am wondering how the tick tock lady would draw anything out of the series to feel good about progressive politics.


Seems like more of a series that Republicans would embrace.

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Re: Hunger Games Tick Tock.....

Do you guys see alterior motives in every movie you watch? The last couple of days, you guys seem to be hung up on songs and movies. Maybe you've seen some good Russian flicks lately?

Tick Tock.....BONG!!!

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Re: Hunger Games Tick Tock.....

I watched From Russia With Love yesterday in a Bond marathon. Mrs. Clinton took office as Secretary of State in 2009. The last of the trilogy, Mocking Jay was published in 2010. It would be a close call to decide whether or not Mrs. Clinton had any influence on the film considering most of it was likely written before she took office and way, way before she ran for President. Most of the things I have read relate the Hunger Games series to Roman era  themes. Besides, it's all about a very wealthy and elite ruling class living off the subservience of common and impoverished workers. 

Re: Hunger Games Tick Tock.....

Another opinion on H Games.....and just like the primary elimination orifice, everybody's got one.

Games is just like 1984....nothing or nobody in either the books or the movie(s) says a word about how the dystopia came to be. So it can be the big bad government, big business and the 1% or whom or what ever the consumer wants it to be. Some say it's the leaders of society having moved away from Christ.

The "progressive" bit is a big stretch. If it's big government it's post breakup Russian style. Which you have lauded here in the past, btw with your adulation of Putin.

Good f

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Re: Hunger Games Tick Tock.....

What? Your overused sign off comes from Charlize Theron in " A Million Ways To Die In The West".