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Senior Contributor

Re: Huuummm

(“I’ve been tested and I’m constantly tested,” Biden responded.)

Smiley LOL Smiley LOL

Basement biden is "constantly" tested for his cognitive ability?  Isn't "constantly" all the time?

Save your money slo-joe, actually save the taxpayer's money slo-joe, you don't need to be tested "constantly" for the clearly obvious.

Senior Contributor

Re: Huuummm

Biden said he had no knowledge of the Flynn investigation.  Numerous Sources have him at THE meeting.  Even suggested using the Logan act.  He needs to convincingly be able to say I don't remember.  At this point I think I'd believe him if he again claims to no nothing.


Senior Advisor

Re: Huuummm

Biden was messed up in 1988, doubt if he's gotten better.  Of course, he's got better (more socially acceptable) excuses now.

I just think we shouldn't be too hard on Biden until after the Democrats officially nominate him.  Then, season open.