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bruce MN

Re: Hypocrats send out the brown shirts

What he actually is is the incoming Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

As The Shrub said “Elections bring capital”.

Dennison shouldn’t have gone out of his way to see that Georgia got away from the GQP.


Good God, it’s going to be annoying to watch a Party that is built around absolute brute power whining and calling out “Mommy! Mommy!” over being picked on on the playground.

Senior Advisor

Re: Hypocrats send out the brown shirts

And yet during the summer not a peep out of the guy unless it was in support of total violence and anarchy.

Senior Contributor

Re: Hypocrats send out the brown shirts

@bruce MN wrote:

Why on earth would they not preserve all of that in a manner that would make it readily accessible?

Hopefully you are aware that none of that content goes away. It’s all retrievable.

Warner’s letter is a formality. Saves issuing subpoenas.

When Warner orchestrated the leak of the Carter page classified fisa the evidence quietly disappeared.