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Re: Too Funny!!!

You've got the % about right. But surely no blind Dem voter as Red would like to make it sound. I'd say that roughly I'm a 60-65% Democrat voter. Didnt vote for Clinton either time. Nor for Gore. Did Kerry and did Obama.


Up until the total budget deficit building disaster Pawlenty came along I was generally more supportive of the excellent GOP Governors Minnesota has had over the years. My current State Rep and State Senator are Republicans who I have voted for  he past two cycles. (Won't again as they didn't buck the wannabee baggers who took over the MN GOP and held them hostage this past session).


What I am is a 100% anti-extremist right wing GOP. And that, sadly, is pretty much the whole damned outfit right now. Either by intent or unfortunately, as described above, by passive association.


As I and a number of others who I believe see things somewhat as I do were very seriously considering John McCain, a Republican with a generally progressive record 3 years ago until the radical right wing extrmists of the social, cultural and religious right saddled  him with Sarah Palin.


The archives here will verify all of that. I'm just repeating it now for you since you br0ught it up, graciously I may add, and maybe hadn't seen any of it.


Re: similar news

Ha. Not cool.  If he had a wife Woman Surprised   she would have told him as mine has if you must, don't lift a cheek.