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Re: I Have a Dream

I never said there was something illegal about Melania's pictures. How about Morally?

My point is that the Republicans have held the moral high ground for years, or at least claimed to. Isn't that what the abortion thing was all about? And how about the gay marriage issue? These were a mainstay of the Republican Party for years. Every four years, they were drug out again to anger and unite the moral majority in the party.

So - how does all this square with those religious voters that the Republican Party has depended on all these years?

Then there's the Secretary Clinton's emails causing the death of the Iranian nuclear scientist. Your just Duckie candidate is the one yesterday that blamed Secretary Clintons emails for the hanging. Wrong!!!! Lies trying to tie Secretary Clinton to this guy.

He DEFECTED from Iran to the US!!!! Enough said. When he went back, there was a price on his head. More lies. The ship continues to sink....

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Re: I Have a Dream

My problem with Melania`s pictures is them damned "stars" cover up the good parts and ruin an otherwise great picture  Smiley Tongue



But as far as morality, the country has went to hell, look at all these so-called decent women that have tattoos these days...if you`re a sailor or something and have the name of your ship on your arm, fine I understand, but tattooed women belong in a circus.


I remember in the 70`s 3`s Company was the hot edgey show, Mom & Dad thought it was crap to begin with, but it wasn`t long and they were glancing at the clock anticipating when the show would come on.  But 3`s Company compared to what they get away with on 2 1/2 Men is nothing...and those of you with cable pipe softcore porn into your home with "Game of Thrones".   But there you see the slouching towards Gomorrah right before your eyes...if it wasn`t accepted, it wouldn`t be on tv.   And the GOP isn`t living under a dome.


We don`t have the luxury of worrying about pictures of naked candidate wives.  We don`t even have the luxury of worrying about baby killing, of which Trump opposes and Hillary favors enthousiastically.  homosexual marriage...there`s no damned way we`ll get rid of it regardless who gets in office, the damned media would run boo-hoo stories about kids crying their eyes out that the "mean Republicans will nullify their daddies` marriage"....the fact we are at the point in history that I have to type this shows how far to hell we`ve gone.



Trump isn`t a perfect vessel..far from it and if someone doesn`t want to vote for him, I perfectly understand (just heard David Cay Johnston on NPR)...however, someone that would then vote for that crooked Hillary is by far voting the GREATER evil.

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Re: I Have a Dream



 " homosexual marriage...there`s no damned way we`ll get rid of it regardless who gets in office, "


You still can't shut the hell up about that can you ???


How in the world does it affect a simple Government Grower in Northern Iowa ??


What about all these gay friends you claimed to have.


LOL just because they haven't punched you square in the face, does not mean they are your friends.


I hope they force you to make a cake.  A nice one too, non of that betty crocker crap either.



Some people still want separate drinking fountains after all these years.  YOU  ARE that guy.