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Re: I See You Righties

Yeah - well the same is true of me.  I don't know why you don't say seems that the other right leaning people on here (namely BA and Millie) can basically say whatever they want - and they don;t ever get kicked off.


You guys talk about me disrespecting our First Lady of P - but I never heard such language as was used by BA and Millie when talking about Michelle Obama....and then, when I complained about it I was told, "Why would you complain about that - I have called here worse (on here)".


Turn about is fair play.  Funny they were able to use far more despicable words than I can - for fear of being removed by those watching over the site.   Like part of my posts that were removed a few days ago....yet Millie's is allowed to stand.   


You think you can intimidate me?  You call me sick...but it is said that someone who is truly mentally ill....can't really see it.  You can't see the sickness that is represented here daily by your own side...the right.  


So say what you want to say....odds are, you'll be OK.  Seems that you guys can say whatever you want against a woman...even the First Lady - as long as they are in the Democrat camp....


Tick Tock.....BONGx9!!!!!!!!!



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Re: I See You Righties

Ah it comes out now .... The shooter was a liberal nut case at a anti Trump rally. He is the dude holding the sign in a pink P#### outfit.