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Veteran Advisor

I Told You 3020

I wouldn’t trade this stock market, with your money.  Now you see why.

Theres nothing more fake right now, than the stock market.   P/E values are through the roof - and people were still buying into this thing.  

My cash is high and dry - ready to fight another day.  In the meantime, I don’t have the stress of today - or those to come.

The media keeps giving hope of the vaccine to come.   There is no pushing good science - but Trump wants a vaccine before the election.   Would I take it - even with my health problems?  Hell no - someone else can be those test subjects.   In this respect, the media is pushing the wrong narrative, by also not saying that none of these vaccines may work, or may work only for a short time.  The market acted like it was “banking” on a vaccine, and/or the crisis was over.

The real crisis, is just beginning.  Don’t believe me - wait - and’s far scarier now out there, than it was 4 months ago.  Me - I’m staying home.  I watched Frozen 2 in 3 D, blu ray last night in my theatre room.  What a fabulous place to watch a movie.   The star lit ceiling was worth all the work to create it...