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Senior Contributor

I am ambiguous about this article.


I don't know if anybody reads my posts but I'm curious as to how this article is perceived by those on the right and left.

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bruce MN

Re: I am ambiguous about this article.

Read itCouldn't agree more. My universal disdain for the Clintons over years, going back to his terms as Gov of Arkansas is well documented on these pages. Not sure if that does anything for you or not.
bruce MN

As good an argument as there was

For Sanders.  The veiled assurances from the Clinton campaign that "we are listening to the Bern" are as shallow as can be.  Everybody worried about Clinton being 3rd Obama term. More likely to be 3rd GWB.  But thanks to primary and caucus voters in both parties she's what we are going to get. It's not like it's an accident

Honored Advisor

Re: As good an argument as there was

"For Clinton, what matters is not the material reality of women’s lives, but rather how best to exploit them for political gain."


The womens movement sealed my conservatism.  They eat their own.  Especially those who don't agree with the narrative.



It is brutal to watch, was at the beginning and remains today.

Senior Advisor

Re: As good an argument as there was

Same goes for the black lives matter movement. They will destroy any black that even question their motives.