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I am guessing slow Joe will be doing time by January.

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Senior Advisor

Re: If anyone is slow it's you.

We now have the full email from which the phrase "10 for the big guy" was lifted.  It was taken from an email to real estate broker concerning the rental of office space to Hunter for his investment business Rosemont Seneca.  Apparently, Joe Biden needed some office space near New York City for his Biden Foundation and the 10 refers to 10% of the space.

It's just so typical of how you radical right-wingers operate,  take something completely out of context, and then imply it's something criminal.

 Meanwhile, one of your favorite senators, Perdue from Georgia has got another little scandal to explain.  Apparently, he sold a house in Washington to a lobbyist who had business before Perdue's banking committee.  Perdue sold the house secretly at well above market value and failed to report it as required.


Veteran Advisor

Re: If anyone is slow it's you.

It’s what they do with everything Rick.   NOTHING they present can be trusted.  It’s always twisted and contorted, and presented as “god truth”.

I got sick of it 4 years ago.    And they keep it up and keep it up.   Pretty sad, that that is how they have decided to get votes.   Problem is, it had worked for them for many years.    Trump just got so used to the lies, that they didn’t even try to cover up the lies anymore.   And it cost him.


Senior Advisor

Re: If anyone is slow it's you.

Great defense there Ricky. Stinky fingers and the chinese oil company executives are going to be office mates. He promotes and profits from communist chinese oil while at the same time tries to shut down our oil industry. Yeah. Like I said. Quite a defense.