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Veteran Advisor

I am surprised

That there hasn't been a bunch of

Hollering, after news has broke that

Trump is now consulting Clinton's

Impeachment attorney.  To me that is

The signal the beginning of the end.

I find this to be quite significant, first

The man's past experience and expertise,

Second, he worked for the Clinton's.

So many here and in trump world

Painted anyone, and even more so

Attorney that worked for them


We have become so polarized, on

Trump, but I think this will bring

Thoughts that indeed, something is


Today so much is now based on you

Are a Democrat oh no your a republican..

The truth is we are americans.

We are a good country.  United we

Stand, devided we fall.


I'm sorry but I see this as an admission of guilt.

If there is nothing wrong, why bring such a person

On board.

IMHO. I believe the whole trump method is

To put one against the other let a fight start

And then go on the side that puts YOU in the

Best his book, that will give

You insight.

This country has been ripped to the seams

We haven't seen so much hate since the


And just look at him, he feeds on anger.

Just look at his tweets

We have never had a president make

Cheap shots like tweet.

Then the speeches made, and the name

Calling.  People think it's funny, and that's

Partly how he won.  People were dissolution

With current government ((and some

Of that created by Russia)).  He appealed

To people by his talk.

He has continued this way, that has put

This country in financial, military and

World respect in Jeopardy.


We need a man that is a leader, that will

Help us come together, and go forward

. We can not succeed so divided.  One

That thinks we can is a fool


It is said one of the best degrees a president

Can hold is that of history, so he can learn

From mistakes


This man has no interest in learning.


I want to see this country to be great

Again, but we're not going to it with your bible.

Does it say hate is good ??


Let's go forward and succeed


Let's make America great, again.






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Senior Contributor

Re: I am surprised

I’d like to teach the world to sing the perfect harmony
Veteran Advisor

Re: I am surprised

""in perfect harmony""