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I could be wrong

this morning when I mentioned to my wife that a report says that the DB/Trump loan documents show them co-signed by two Russian oligarchs, she responded, "will that be enough?"

I said, "nope."

Could be wrong.

We'll see where it leads. My suspicious nature also asks, why now?

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eye of the needle legal argument

might be that since the POTUS (allegedly) entered into a financially beneficial arrangement with foreign parties before he was in office, it does not amount to an emolument. 

The counter argument would be that it was ongoing and he had every opportunity to undertake such divestitures as were required.

The question of whether the 39% care that this entire thing is fully and unequivocally revealed to be one big sham is fergeddaboudit.

Would be fun to watch Moscow Mitch bring down the gavel on the acquittal, though. 

It was always a huge red flag that the DB loans came through the private wealth division. A side thought- the role of Justice Kennedy's son might ultimately be of interest. Which might lead to an interesting constitutional question. Even though Kavanaugh was confirmed via a departure from recent Senate norms it does appear to be entirely valid. But what if some further skullduggery was involved?


Re: eye of the needle legal argument

39% is the key passage there.

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Re: I could be wrong

So "a source" (not 2 sources) told Lawrence O`Donnell (a admitted socialist) this???   Well, that does it for me!  Biden 2020!!!   


MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell says he has a source who told him Russian oligarchs signed off loans given to President Trump by Deutsche Bank.


Re: I could be wrong

Should be further elucidated upon shortly, or some interesting machinations anyway.

John McCain is probably responsible for all of this via Joe the Plumber, as it revealed that large swaths of the electorate are clueless about financial matters.

Thus it was possible to float the notion that a feckless clown living on credit is actually a brilliant self made billionaire.

But if fully revealed it wouldn't change the opinions of the 39% whose urgent priorities are being served.

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Re: I could be wrong

Okay Nox, I`ll play the game with you, let`s say Trump is all those things that you, your wife a Joe Walsh say he is.   Trump is the ONLY one saying and doing the policies that should`ve been done 10-20 years ago.   I mean, I say "Thanks Bilderbergers, Thank you for allowing us to have Trump, but he is too little, too late". 

 That said, am I supposed to vote for one of these fools?

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Re: I could be wrong

For DB, having that Russian cash locked in via what is essentially a collateralized pass through loan would be very appealing.

The Russians would probably be happy with a return a point or two above what they'd otherwise get. Although I doubt that was exactly the return they were looking for.

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Re: I could be wrong

If you want to see some real collusion look at the Bidens and Chinese.


Re: I could be wrong

Some caution might be advised, though.

The Deep State brought in heavy hitter Barr to save Trump and Barr has proven to be a masterful leaker (just as example). There are still plenty of people in the MSM who can still be spoofed through their confidential sources.

The wall on Trump's taxes appears to be crumbling and if these allegations turn out to be false then it might provide just enough wiggle room to get through the revelation that he's a clown living on credit, expensing off most of his lavish lifestyle. Fake News anyway, for final cleanup.

But the circumstances have always looked suspicious. Why would troubled money laundering bank DB give him loans when no one else would?

A farmer would know that over the years, the fine print and CYA on loan documents has gotten longer and more dense as they've acted to cut off the angles that somebody found to weasel out on them.

DB would have certainly known that they were dealing with America's leading ####weasel and would have crossed every i, dotted every t to make sure their interest was protected.

Anything unusual would be in the loan documents.


Re: I could be wrong

30, you might get the final harharhar on this one.

Or if not, just move on to Bruce Jenner and the global warming hoax.