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I did not know this

A story about how religion was removed from public schools in the USA.


Some good christians showed their care and compassion to her the same way it was shown to those who stopped creationism from being taught in Pennsylvania.

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Re: I did not know this

 It's appalling that some who pretend to be christians keep squawking and bleating those worn out clique attempting to justify their bigotry and ethnic hatred to christian religion. 


  Notice the Baptists once believed in protecting their religion from the intrusion of state power.  [8] The Baptist Joint Committee submitted an amicus brief in support of McCollum saying "We must not allow our religious fervor to blind us to the essential fact that no religious faith is secure when it meshes its authority with that of the state."[9]


  In an 8-1 decision announced on March 8, 1948 333 U.S. 203, the high court reversed the ruling of the lower court, and held that the school district's religious instruction program was unconstitutional. A critical issue in the case was whether the constitutional ban on establishing religion meant that all sects must be treated equally, as lawyers for Champaign argued was the case in their schools or whether it required strict neutrality between belief and unbelief, which was Mrs. McCollum's successful contention. "The First Amendment rests upon the premise that both religion and government can best work to achieve their lofty aims if each is left free from the other in its respective sphere", Justice Black wrote.[14] The case was also important because it extended First Amendment protection to individual states by using the due process clause of the 14th Amendment as a justification. All other cases that have since tested and continue to test Thomas Jefferson's wall of "separation of church and state", including school prayer, aid to parochial schools and sectarian religious displays on public property, descend from this case.