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I doubt that anyone will do it

But if you might, search up the round table conversation from Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning. Essentially about the failure of mainstream media to validate, much less even faintly recognize. the "losses" (Mike Barnacle's word) that have created supporters of populist movements and campaigns. No forgiveness for Trump's vulgarity, but a good discussion on the validity of the grievances that are held by supporters of alternative movements. Made a point of saying that the general discounting by the press and political leadership was particularly evident in the Sanderd campaign. He came relatively close to pulling it off with virtually no press coverage and what little of it that there was being very condescending and off putting. Mentioned that with all of the really crappy things that have been said during the campaign that Clinton's "deplotables" quip may have been the worst. Good discussion. Probably not at an outlet or by people that would meet the approval of most here of course. But possibly worth your time.
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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: I doubt that anyone will do it

Mr. Trump has undoubtably tapped into a major vein of popular dissonance and

may well launch a Trump TV network after the elections. It will be self serving, of

course, but hopefully he will continue to give the Tea Party Patriots a platfrom on

which to vent, and to obstruct the presidency of Mrs. Clinton.


Its a third party candidacy, and one that will hold the feet to the fire of both the

RINOS and the DINOS, as possibly someone with bigger nuts than Bernie Sanders

tries to take the reins of what is left of the liberal conscience in America.


I , for one, never have advocated eliminating Liberals as a voice...its' when they

go total fruitloop that I have a Adam and Steve, killing babies

before they leave the hospital, aged euthanasia, etc. When it comes to helping

others, I am all in, but feel its better to have a thousand points of light than

Big Brother doing it.

Re: I doubt that anyone will do it

Can't reply directly to Red because phone won't let me do it but after I posted the header I read this. On the same topic:
BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: I doubt that anyone will do it

Well speaking as someone formerly mad as hell and now just tired of trying to save people from themselves and just ready to say "Chuck it!" kneel at the national anthem like Koeppernick and let lucifer have the whole damned mess.  This is and always was about globalism, trade and immigration, it`s been crammed down all our throats..Bush McCain Romney Ryan McConell Brooks Krystal George Will...the whole bunch of `em tried to shame us into supporting that crap and for years all a politician had to do was promise to protect our guns and be against baby killing and we foolishly let them have the run of the whole rest of the store.


That created a vacuum a huge vacuum that only a crazy mad man like Trump could fill.  Even my Rand Paul I fear kissed the ring of the globalists and tip toed around a bit too much...well let`s be honest he needed the money and that money came with strings.  Trump is a little crazy (saying what he does puts his life in danger) and didn`t need the globalist money so he literally told them to "chuck themselves".


Those of us with dirty fingernails know that this is it, we are standing facing the enemy on the cliff with the sea to our backs. 

Senior Contributor

Re: I doubt that anyone will do it

What a dramma kweenSmiley Surprised

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: I doubt that anyone will do it

someone on the bottom end of the spectrum must have given EJ an earful

cause he does not come across nearly as FOS as he usually does.


Pretty good essay if he would have taken out the partisan slant. But that

would not please his supporters.