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I guess

that if "suck" doesn't mean oral sex any more in the regrettable state of popular patois', then schlong doesn't mean what it means.


That would just be the liberal MSM interpretting it that nway in an attempt to discredit a Real 'Merican.


I'm waiting for when Trump and Putin et together for a circle jerk, which isn't what you dirty minded liberals think it is.

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CNN gets squeamish about "humidors"

Wild Bill from Facebook:


Don Lemon had a pair of guests on his CNN program Tuesday to discuss Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Barack Obama back in the 2008 Democratic primary. He was hoping to have a conversation as to whether it was presidential for Trump to say, “[Clinton] was going to beat [Obama,] she was favored to win, and she got schlonged.”

However, his guest Kurt Schlichter instead was determ...ined to bring up President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. “[I]t’s gonna take a lot more for me to get upset at a woman who enabled a guy who turned the Oval Office into a frat house and his intern into a humidor,” he quipped.

Lemon tried steering the conversation back to Trump when he asked, “Have you ever heard a presidential candidate say things like this?”

“No,” Schlichter replied. “But I know of a president who, well, turned his intern into a humidor, so I think we set the standard a little lower than Donald Trump has even approached.”


the Clintons should just go find a hole to crawl into and quit disgracing America. If Bruce wants to call conscientious American citizens that sincerely want to down size govt and get the country back on its rails "filthy baggers", and you Sir, don't take any issue with that, maybe you should look in the mirror and decide an appropriate measure to take, I can think of a couple, but the last time I suggested that I got a "vacation".


PS if you try to goggle and find anything about Hillary crapping her pants, it appears the internet censors have been out in full force already cleansing any mentions outside of MSM sanitary remarks.


The CLintons set a very low bar for human decency.


Re: CNN gets squeamish about "humidors"

Agree, conditionally.  Will not be our Nation's finest moment when she places her hand on that Bible.  But that is likely to be the result, say what you will.  And it won't be her fault.  


Biden very likely could have prevailed. So unfortunate.

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Re: CNN gets squeamish about "humidors"

I urge you to mess around  with the vixen of your choice and then blame your trophy wife for your misbehavior. I don't know how you guys get from Bill's peccadillos to Hillary's fault.


Why would you even mention Bill in a hillary discussion? Have you got a good reason for that?

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Re: CNN gets squeamish about "humidors"

Without a BIll Clinton, there is no Hillary Clinton.


You can argue, reasonably, that the converse is true, also.


There is not one, without the other.

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Re: CNN gets squeamish about "humidors"

Too bad the repubs won't get a direct battle with Bernie. It would warm my heart to see old nice guy bernie beat the hell out of the acidic basterd they put up against him.