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I had never heard of this

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Re: I had never heard of this

(...electoral votes to presidential candidate who wins popular vote)


Hmmm, so it's not Trump that's putting our Constitution in peril as it never has been before?







Re: I had never heard of this

I am very much in favor of the electoral college system. Without it many of our voices would not be heard in presidential elections. California has 40 million people, Wyoming has 500 thousand. The founders were wise in their idea of the electoral college. farmguy


Re: I had never heard of this

I essentially agree.  I wasn’t promoting the idea. Just thought it might be interesting for folks to see.


As a part of the current conversation it will be read as one more complaint from a lazy political party that got itself get steamrolled by a lousy candidate. I’m fearing that the GOP will blow itself up to such a degree that the Dems won’t feel compelled to draw back on anything they should have learned from that. 

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Re: I had never heard of this

I was under the bus moression that many states give their electoral votes to who wins the popular vote in their state and some divide them on a percentage basis. Or are you saying the nation wide popular vote. The popular vote in Wyoming means just as much compared to California as the electoral vote. The only way the vote would be as meaningful would be that every state had the same number of electoral votes as every other state and who would get them would be determinined by the popular vote within each state.